Stirring the Pitch: IFAB’s Controversial Proposal Sparks Debate on Temporary Blue Card Ejections


In a recent development, IFAB’s contemplation of introducing a new rule has come to fruition, as reported by The Telegraph. This groundbreaking proposal involves the trial introduction of the blue card in football as part of addressing players’ illegal interventions.

According to the British newspaper, additional details regarding this long-awaited rule change have surfaced. Players committing harsh fouls or protesting against referee decisions will now face a temporary 10-minute expulsion from the field.


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In the event of a goalkeeper receiving a blue card, the coach will face a crucial decision: whether to substitute a field player in their place or to send in a replacement goalkeeper from the bench. The allocation of blue cards will not be within the coach’s jurisdiction, and referees are advised to exercise caution in its application to avoid depleting the field of players.

Scheduled for March 2nd in Scotland, a general assembly of the International Football Association Board is set to convene, focusing on this proposed measure. Should it receive approval, a series of trial runs is anticipated to commence in amateur and youth competitions, marking a significant step towards its potential integration?


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