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Welcome to SureTips360’s Fizzley Tips accurate Over Over 2.5 Predictions section. At SureTips360, we understand the thrill of predicting goals in a match, and our expert analysts and tips are published here on the Fizzley Tips section, our tips are at your disposal. This tips will provide you with the most reliable insights and analysis.

Over 2.5 Goals Today | 29-04-2024

Time League Match Tip Perc. Result
00:00 MEX. Liga MX Santos Laguna FC VS Atlético San Luis FC Over 2.5 66% :
19:00 ENG. Championship Preston North End FC VS Leicester City FC Over 2.5 64% :
08:00 IDN. Liga 1 PS TNI FC VS Barito Putera FC Over 2.5 63% :
18:00 BEL. Reserve Pro League Lierse Kempenzonen U21 FC VS Waasland-Beveren U21 FC Over 2.5 63% :
14:00 CYP. First Division Othellos FC VS AE Zakakiou FC Over 2.5 62% :
18:00 SCOT. Feeder Leagues Dundee Violet FC VS Dundee St James FC Over 2.5 61% :
00:00 ATG. ABFA Premier League All Saints United FC VS Swetes FC Over 2.5 60% :
01:00 NIC. Primera Division Real Estelí FC VS Matagalpa FC Over 2.5 60% :
12:30 ITA. Campionato Primavera 1 Sampdoria U19 FC VS Roma U19 FC Over 2.5 60% :
17:15 KWT. Kuwait Premier League Khaitan FC VS Al Jahra FC Over 2.5 60% :
19:15 PRT. Liga NOS Estrela Amadora FC VS Farense FC Over 2.5 60% :
15:30 FIN. Kakkonen EBK FC VS Ilves II FC Over 2.5 59% :
12:00 ENG. Professional Development League Crewe Alexandra U21 FC VS Charlton Athletic U21 FC Over 2.5 58% :
16:10 SAU. First Division Al Arabi FC VS Ohod FC Over 2.5 58% :
17:00 DNK. Superliga Silkeborg FC VS Midtjylland FC Over 2.5 58% :
01:05 MEX. Ascenso MX Leones Negros de la Universidad de Guadalajara FC VS Mineros de Zacatecas FC Over 2.5 57% :
16:00 POL. 2. Liga ŁKS Łódź II FC VS Olimpia Grudziądz FC Over 2.5 57% :
17:30 ISR. Israeli Premier League Hapoel Haifa FC VS Maccabi Haifa FC Over 2.5 57% :
18:45 Rep. IR. Munster Senior League Midleton FC VS Rockmount FC Over 2.5 57% :
14:00 IND. Indian Super League Mumbai City FC VS Goa FC Over 2.5 56% :
16:30 CYP. First Division Apollon FC VS Karmiotissa FC Over 2.5 56% :
00:00 COL. Categoria Primera B Deportes Quindío FC VS Llaneros FC Over 2.5 55% :
10:00 RUS. Russian Premier League Krylya Sovetov FC VS Krasnodar FC Over 2.5 55% :
14:30 KWT. Kuwait Premier League Kazma FC VS Al Shabab FC Over 2.5 55% :
08:00 #N/A Định Hướng FC VS An Giang FC Over 2.5 54% :
16:00 POL. 1. Liga Chrobry Głogów FC VS Wisła Płock FC Over 2.5 54% :
16:30 CYP. First Division Doxa FC VS AEL FC Over 2.5 54% :
18:30 ARG. Primera C Claypole FC VS Sportivo Barracas FC Over 2.5 54% :
14:30 ROU. Liga I Petrolul 52 FC VS Botoşani FC Over 2.5 53% :
18:00 NLD. Eerste Divisie Emmen FC VS Helmond Sport FC Over 2.5 53% :
06:00 JPN. Nadeshiko League 1 Harima FC VS Shizuoka Sangyo Univ. FC Over 2.5 50% :
11:00 DNK. U21 Ligaen Horsens U21 FC VS Viborg U21 FC Over 2.5 50% :
11:00 NOR. 2. Division Viking II FC VS Brattvåg FC Over 2.5 50% :
11:30 THA. Thai League T1 Bangkok United FC VS Prachuap FC Over 2.5 50% :
14:00 NOR. 2. Division Brann II FC VS Eik Tønsberg FC Over 2.5 50% :
14:00 #N/A Indonesia U23 FC VS Uzbekistan U23 FC Over 2.5 50% :
15:00 NOR. 3. Division Group 2 Sola FC VS Odd II FC Over 2.5 50% :
16:00 NOR. 3. Division Group 2 Vidar FC VS Sandefjord II FC Over 2.5 50% :
16:00 FIN. Kolmonen Länsi Kraft II FC VS VPV FC Over 2.5 50% :
16:45 RUS. Russian Premier League Rostov FC VS Orenburg FC Over 2.5 50% :
17:00 SWE. Superettan Trelleborg FC VS Degerfors FC Over 2.5 50% :
17:00 FIN. Finnish Cup Kontu FC VS GrIFK FC Over 2.5 50% :
17:10 SWE. Allsvenskan Hammarby FC VS Västerås SK FC Over 2.5 50% :

Over 2.5 Goals Today | 30-04-2024

Time League Match Tip Perc. Result
11:00 #N/A Nam Dinh FC VS Binh Duong FC Over 2.5 75% :
12:00 ENG. Professional Development League Sheffield United U21 FC VS Queens Park Rangers U21 FC Over 2.5 75% :
13:00 ENG. Professional Development League Coventry City U21 FC VS Cardiff City U21 FC Over 2.5 75% :
13:00 ENG. Professional Development League Peterborough United U21 FC VS Millwall U21 FC Over 2.5 75% :
17:00 AUT. BFV Cup Mattersburg 2020 FC VS Siegendordf FC Over 2.5 75% :
18:00 SCOT. Feeder Leagues Stoneywood Parkvale FC VS Newmachar United FC Over 2.5 75% :
18:00 ENG. U18 Premier League Manchester City U18 FC VS Everton U18 FC Over 2.5 75% :
21:30 ECU. Primera Categoría Serie B Cuniburo FC VS Manta FC FC Over 2.5 75% :
22:00 SOM. Somali First Division Elman FC VS Midnimo FC Over 2.5 75% :
18:00 CHE. 2. Liga Interregional Chur 97 FC VS Weesen FC Over 2.5 75% :
18:15 SCOT. Feeder Leagues Glenrothes FC VS Crossgates Primrose FC Over 2.5 74% :
16:30 DEU. Oberliga Rheinland Pfalz Saar TuS RW Koblenz FC VS Arminia Ludwigshafen FC Over 2.5 73% :
17:00 ENG. Youth Alliance Swindon Town U18 FC VS Cheltenham Town U18 FC Over 2.5 72% :
17:30 DEU. State Leagues Weser Ems Bevern FC VS Stenum FC Over 2.5 72% :
18:00 AUT. Landesliga Oberösterreich Vortuna Bad Leonfelden FC VS Friedburg / Pöndorf FC Over 2.5 72% :
17:00 DEU. State Leagues Niederrhein 2 Frohnhausen FC VS Hönnepel-Niedermörmter FC Over 2.5 72% :
16:30 DEU. Oberliga Niedersachsen Rotenburger SV FC VS Bersenbrück FC Over 2.5 71% :
17:30 DEU. Oberliga Niederrhein Schonnebeck FC VS SF Baumberg FC Over 2.5 70% :
18:00 DEU. State Leagues Niederrhein 2 Budberg FC VS Kray FC Over 2.5 70% :
18:45 SMR. Campionato Sammarinese San Giovanni FC VS SS Cosmos FC Over 2.5 70% :
01:06 MEX. Liga MX Femenil León Women FC VS Santos Laguna Women FC Over 2.5 70% :
13:30 EGY. Second Division Al Nasr Taa’den FC VS Misr Lel Makasa FC Over 2.5 69% :
12:00 CHN. Chinese Super League Zhejiang FC FC VS Henan Jianye FC Over 2.5 69% :
12:30 #N/A SM Sanga Balende FC VS Groupe Bazano FC Over 2.5 68% :
18:00 DEU. State Leagues Niederrhein 2 Lowick FC VS Arminia Klosterhardt FC Over 2.5 68% :
18:00 DEU. State Leagues Weser Ems Grün Weiß Firrel FC VS Oythe FC Over 2.5 68% :
19:00 GIB. Premier Division Lincoln Red Imps FC VS Mons Calpe FC Over 2.5 68% :
01:00 CRI. Liga de Ascenso Santa Ana FC VS Escorpiones Belén FC Over 2.5 68% :
16:00 POL. 4 Liga Podlaska Krypnianka Krypno FC VS Grabówka FC Over 2.5 67% :
16:30 POL. 4 Liga Lódzka Start Brzeziny FC VS Warta Działoszyn FC Over 2.5 67% :
18:00 SAU. Kings Cup Al Ittihad FC VS Al Hilal FC Over 2.5 67% :
22:00 RUS. 3rd Division Moskva Oblast Bagration FC VS SSh Lytkarino FC Over 2.5 67% :
08:00 IDN. Liga 1 PSS Sleman FC VS Persib FC Over 2.5 67% :
05:30 #N/A Tefana FC VS Pirae FC Over 2.5 66% :
12:00 ENG. U18 Professional Development League Burnley U18 FC VS Barnsley U18 FC Over 2.5 65% :
16:00 ENG. Professional Development League Fleetwood Town U21 FC VS Colchester United U21 FC Over 2.5 65% :
03:10 MEX. Liga MX Femenil Juárez W FC VS Monterrey Women FC Over 2.5 65% :
08:00 IDN. Liga 1 Madura United FC VS Arema FC Over 2.5 63% :
08:00 IDN. Liga 1 PSM FC VS Cilegon United FC Over 2.5 63% :
16:45 DEU. State Leagues Südbaden SC Lahr FC VS Bühlertal FC Over 2.5 63% :
17:00 DEU. Oberliga Niedersachsen Schöningen FC VS Atlas Delmenhorst FC Over 2.5 63% :
17:30 POL. 4 Liga Małopolska Trzebinia Siersza FC VS Watra Białka Tatrzańska FC Over 2.5 63% :
18:00 SCOT. Feeder Leagues Buchanhaven Hearts FC VS Rothie Rovers FC Over 2.5 63% :

Over 2.5 Goals Tomorrow | 03-03-2024

Not Available Yet

Understanding Over 2.5 Predictions

In football, the term “Over 2.5” refers to a prediction option where you predict whether the total number of goals scored in a match will be over or under 2.5 goals. If you predict Over 2.5 goals, you win your prediction if three or more goals are scored in the match. It’s a popular prediction option known for its excitement and potential for high-scoring matches.

Expert Analysis and Insights

Our Fizzley Tips, based on the depth and precision of our analysis. Our team comprises seasoned analysts and passionate sports enthusiasts who dedicate themselves to meticulously researching and dissecting upcoming matches. We go beyond surface-level assessments, delving into the intricate details and nuances that can influence match outcomes.

Thorough Research Process

Our research process begins well in advance of each match, allowing us ample time to gather relevant data and insights. We leave no stone unturned, scouring team statistics, recent performances, and historical data to form a comprehensive understanding of each team’s strengths and weaknesses.

Analyzing Key Factors

When crafting our Over 2.5 goals, we consider a myriad of factors to ensure accuracy and reliability. Team form is a crucial element, as it provides valuable insights into a team’s recent performances and momentum. Additionally, we analyze goal-scoring records to gauge each team’s offensive prowess and their likelihood of producing high-scoring matches.

Defensive strength is another vital consideration, as solid defensive units can significantly impact match dynamics and goal-scoring opportunities. By assessing teams’ defensive records and strategies, we gain insights into the likelihood of goals being scored.

Furthermore, we delve into head-to-head statistics to uncover historical trends and patterns between opposing teams. This historical context allows us to identify recurring themes and tendencies that may influence future match outcomes.

Delivering Trustworthy Insights

By meticulously analyzing these key factors and leveraging our expertise, we deliver Over 2.5 predictions that you can trust. Our commitment to accuracy and thoroughness ensures that our insights are grounded in sound analysis and informed by a deep understanding of the sport.

Our Fizzley Tips, are a result of us being passionate about providing our users with the most reliable and insightful predictions possible. With our expert analysis and insights, you can approach each match with confidence, knowing that you have access to the most informed predictions available.

Why Choose SureTips360’s Fizzley Tips?

  1. Accuracy: Our Over 2.5 predictions are meticulously crafted through extensive research and expert analysis, guaranteeing a high degree of accuracy. We leave no stone unturned in scrutinizing team performances, player statistics, historical data, and current trends to ensure that our predictions are as precise as possible. With SureTips360’s Tips, you can trust that you’re making informed predictions based on reliable insights.

  2. Comprehensive Coverage: No matter which football league or tournament you follow, our over 2.5 Tips has you covered. From the English Premier League to the Spanish La Liga, from the UEFA Champions League to the FIFA World Cup, we offer predictions for matches across the globe. Whether it’s a high-profile fixture or an under-the-radar clash, you can rely on us to provide comprehensive coverage and accurate predictions for every game.

  3. User-Friendly Platform: Navigating SureTips360’s Fizzley Tips section is a breeze, thanks to our user-friendly platform. With a clean and intuitive interface, you can access predictions quickly and conveniently, allowing you to focus on what matters most making informed predictions. Whether you’re using our website on desktop or mobile, our platform ensures a seamless experience for all users.

  4. Community Engagement: Join our vibrant community of sports enthusiasts and engage with fellow fans on SureTips360’s 2 goals sections. Share your insights, discuss match predictions, and connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for football. Plus, stay updated with the latest news and updates by adding us on WhatsApp. Our community is where sports lovers come together to share their knowledge and passion for the game, making it an invaluable resource for anyone looking to enhance their sports predictions.


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What is The "Over 2.5 Prediction" Service?

The “Over 2.5 Prediction” service is a section of dedicated to providing accurate predictions for over 2.5 goals in various sports events. Fizzley Tips leverages expert analysis, advanced algorithms, and extensive research to forecast matches where we anticipate at least three goals to be scored during the course of the game. Our service is designed to cater to sports enthusiasts seeking reliable predictions to enhance their sports experience without any association with betting or gambling activities.

How Does The Fizzley Tips" Service Work?

Our Fizzley Tips, prediction works by utilizing a combination of expert analysis, statistical modeling, and historical data to identify matches with a high likelihood of over 2.5 goals. Our team of experienced analysts meticulously examines various factors including team performance, recent form, offensive and defensive statistics, match conditions, and historical trends to generate accurate predictions. These predictions are then shared with our users through our user-friendly platform, providing them with valuable insights to inform their sports-related decisions.

Can I Trust the Accuracy of the Over 2.5 Predictions?

Yes, you can trust the accuracy of the predictions provided by Sure Tips 360. Our team is committed to delivering reliable and precise forecasts for over 2.5 goals in sports events. We pride ourselves on our track record of accuracy and transparency, backed by thorough research and expert analysis. While we strive to provide accurate predictions, it’s important to note that sports outcomes can be unpredictable, and there is no guarantee of success in every prediction.

What Factors are Considered When Making Over 2.5 Predictions?

When making predictions, Fizzley Tips considers a variety of factors to assess the likelihood of three or more goals being scored in a match. These factors include team performance, recent form, offensive and defensive statistics, player availability, match conditions (such as weather and venue), historical data, head-to-head records, and other relevant variables. Our comprehensive analysis ensures that our predictions are based on a holistic understanding of the match dynamics.

Is There any Guarantee That the Predictions Will be Successful?

While we strive to provide accurate predictions, SureTips360 does not offer any guarantee that the predictions will be successful in every instance. Sports outcomes can be influenced by various unpredictable factors, and there is inherent uncertainty associated with predicting match results. However, our track record of accuracy and commitment to transparency demonstrate our dedication to providing reliable forecasts to our users.

How Often are The Predictions Updated on "Fizzley Tips" Section?

The Fizzley Tips are regularly updates its predictions to ensure that our users have access to the latest insights and forecasts for over 2.5 goals in sports events. Predictions are typically updated on a daily basis to cover upcoming matches across a wide range of sports leagues and tournaments. Our users can rely on Fizzley Tips to provide timely and up-to-date predictions to inform their sports-related decisions effectively.


Our Fizzley Tips stands as your premier destination for accurate Over 2.5 predictions within SureTips360. With our expert analysis, comprehensive coverage, and user-friendly platform, we strive to empower sports enthusiasts with the insights they need to make informed predictions.

Whether you’re a sports enthusiast looking to add excitement to your match-watching experience or a seasoned punter seeking profitable opportunities, Fizzley Tips has you covered. Join our vibrant community today and gain access to expert predictions, timely updates, and engaging discussions.

Thank you for choosing our Fizzley Tips as your trusted source for Over 2.5 predictions. We look forward to supporting you on your sports prediction journey and helping you achieve success on the field. You should check out the power of 100 percent sure wins too.

Join Fizzley Tips now and experience the difference for yourself. Let’s elevate your sports predictions experience together!

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