Delayed but Delivered: Slovan Bratislava Finds Replacement for Aleksandar Cavric

While tardy in arrival, Slovan Bratislava finally secures a replacement for Aleksandar Cavric.


Stepping into the spotlight is 28-year-old Luxembourgish forward, Gerson Rodrigues, poised to make an impact as he joins MSK Zilina on a year-long loan from Ukrainian powerhouse, Dynamo Kyiv, with an intriguing option for a permanent transfer.

Adding to the intrigue, specialized platform Transfermarkt reveals that Rodrigues has only six months left on his contract with the Ukrainian club, expiring at the end of the current season. Initially signed to a five-year deal when Dynamo acquired him in the summer of 2019, any extension remains unannounced, potentially rendering Rodrigues a free agent come summer, a revelation that contrasts with the reported year-long loan with an option clause.

With Transfermarkt estimating his market value at €1.7 million, the Luxembourger recently showcased his talents on loan at Turkish side Sivasspor during the autumn season. Stay tuned as Rodrigues embarks on his latest chapter in the realm of football, promising an exhilarating journey for both player and club alike.

The Match Against the Russians Was No Problem for the Ukrainians

Dispelling Backstage Speculations: The CEO of Slovan, Ivan Kmotrík Jr., sheds light on the complexities surrounding negotiations with Dynamo Kyiv, refuting claims that a friendly match with Dynamo Moscow has complicated matters. Amidst Ukraine’s ongoing conflict with Russia, Kmotrík emphasizes the cordiality of negotiations and the misconstrued fallout from last week’s match in Qatar.

Sport as a Unifier: Kmotrík advocates for sports’ unifying power, condemning the sensationalism of the Dynamo Moscow match fallout in Slovakia compared to its minimal impact abroad.

New Acquisition Buzz: Addressing the club’s latest acquisition, Kmotrík expresses optimism in the potential of the new player, seen as a worthy replacement for Aleksandar Čavrič. While acknowledging a recent lack of club-level experience, Kmotrík highlights the player’s undeniable talent, evident both in international play and glimpsed domestically.

Temporary Transfer Strategy: Gerson Rodrigues’s arrival comes with a caveat, a one-year loan with an option to buy. This strategic move allows the club to assess Rodrigues’s fit before committing long-term, demonstrating Slovan’s meticulous approach to player acquisitions.

As Dynamo Kyiv negotiations continue, Slovan remains poised for a promising season ahead, fueled by calculated decisions and a commitment to sporting integrity.

From International Brilliance to Club-Level Struggles

In the memory of Slovakian football enthusiasts, Rodrigues shines brightest from his performances against Luxemburg in the EURO 2024 qualifiers. He emerged as the standout player of the opposition, showcasing speed, directness, and nimble footwork, effortlessly maneuvering past defenders like cones on a training ground. With an impressive tally of 20 goals in 59 appearances, he stands as Luxemburg’s all-time leading goal scorer.

However, his club career tells a different story. Over a decade, Rodrigues has traversed through 14 different employers, spanning across Luxemburg, Netherlands, Moldova, Japan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, France, and Ukraine. Yet, longevity has eluded him, as he has never remained with a single club for more than a year.

Despite his role as a forward, Rodrigues has struggled to consistently breach the double-digit mark in league goals per season. While his attributes of speed and technique are undeniable, the finishing touch often eludes him, leaving him yearning for that elusive final product on the field.

The Saga of Rodrigues in Luxembourg Football Circles

Luxembourgish media paints a portrait of a contentious figure, fraught with allegations of misconduct spanning multiple incidents. According to reports, Rodrigues faces accusations of assault in three separate instances, each bearing its own disturbing details.

In June 2022, amidst a nighttime altercation outside a club, Rodrigues allegedly inflicted dental damage upon a man. Similarly, in 2019, reports claim he fractured the nose and eye socket of another individual outside a nocturnal establishment. The victim, as per RTL Today, endured several months of incapacitation and underwent three facial surgeries.

In the third incident, dated November 2022, Rodrigues purportedly assaulted his former partner, the reigning Miss Luxembourg 2020. Allegations state he struck her in the face and subsequently verbally abused responding law enforcement officers. Rodrigues vehemently denies the accusations leveled against him.

“Should he be found guilty, Rodrigues could face imprisonment for up to two years, with the potential for additional penalties,” Luxembourg Times reports.

Sources reveal that Luxembourg’s coach, Luc Holtz, recently sidelined Rodrigues for three matches due to ‘disciplinary shortcomings’ during recent qualifiers, deeming his return to the national squad ‘highly improbable’. His tenure with the French side, Troyes, also saw interruptions due to recurrent tardiness and a flamboyant social lifestyle, resulting in suspension.

The intricate web of Rodrigues’ narrative unfolds, leaving spectators and stakeholders alike pondering the complexities of talent, discipline, and personal conduct in the realm of professional football.

Luxemburg’s Unexpected Contender in the Pursuit of Advancement

We’ve never been in such a position before. That’s why we’re starting from scratch. I want to give everyone the opportunity to contribute to the team,” the coach explained.

When questioned about allegations against Rodrigues, he responded, “I’m not the judge of what someone does in their private life or what they did years ago. I believe in the presumption of innocence. No judgment has been made, and I won’t dare to play judge in this case or make decisions beyond my jurisdiction.”

Slovan coach, Vladimir Weiss Sr., announced before the start of winter preparations that a replacement for Cavric would arrive the very next day if he left. However, it ended up taking four days.

Rodrigues becomes Slovan’s second addition ahead of the spring season, following the 30-year-old Greek defender, Spyros Risvanis. He arrived as a free agent, previously with Dunajská Streda. Dissatisfied with his playing time, he terminated his contract with DAC.

In a friendly against Dinamo Moscow, Slovan introduced 29-year-old Georgian midfielder Valerian Gvilija. Formerly with Polish club Raków Częstochowa, he has played only four matches since May 2022. Slovan remained tight-lipped about whether he was a permanent addition to the squad or just on trial.

Apart from Cavric, Slovan bid farewell to Lucas Lovat, who joined Chechen club Achmat Grozny. Malik Abubakari’s loan spell at the club ended, and he returned to Malmo.


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